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    • Designed from the ground up to work hand-in-hand with the Budget Wise, Dollar Rich book!

    • Worksheets are identical to those found in the book-no new formats to wrestle with!

    • “Help Balloons” provide convenient information and advice, and refer you to the relevant pages in the book for further information.

    • All the math and calculations are done for you!

    • Built on Microsoft Excel, the powerful industry standard for generating compelling financial reports.  

    • Fill out the information in one worksheet and it automatically transfers to other appropriate worksheets.  

    • Charts and graphs are automatically generated for you!

    • When you’re finished, just print out your completed budgeting sheets and add them to your plan!


Designed for readers of this book!  


Now you can easily complete the financial worksheets for your budget plan on your computer! This Excel-based package of worksheets and financial statements to work hand-in-hand with your copy of this book.

True “Flow-Through Financials”  


Taking the flow-through technique used in this book one-step further, now you can enter your financial figures just once, and they’ll automatically flow-through to all the other relevant statements, performing necessary calculations along the way!



Budget Wise  

Dollar Rich



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