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Anton Nadilo is committed to helping people make smart financial choices, maintain their lifestyle, achieve financial independence, and pursue their goals and dreams.  

Anton graduated from Victoria University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, majoring in Management and Economics.

Anton’s friendly, people-orientated style led him into a successful sales career in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) industry.  His drive and enthusiasm saw him quickly promoted through to Key Account Manager level.  Anton spent 4 years at management level, and worked for several multinational companies in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Anton’s own entry into the world of investment began at the age of 22 when he purchased his first 2 residential investment properties.  Over the last 15 years Anton has created an impressive portfolio of property investments.  His drive and enthusiasm has seen him become a mentor and “sounding board” to many of his clients, friends and acquaintances in the areas of property investment, and other diversified investments.  

Anton is an entrepreneur and successful businessman.

Anton eventually left the world of sales to pursue a career as a financial planner and seminar presenter.  Before setting up his own financial coaching company - My Money Mentor, Anton spent 18 months with FSB Financial Services Ltd, one of Wellington’s largest financial service providers.  

In 2001, Anton formed the My Money Mentor Ltd - a company focused on improving financial literacy for all New Zealanders.  

As a Director of My Money Mentor Ltd, Anton is committed to providing clients with a simple, no-nonsense approach to financial planning.  He actively commits his time and knowledge to helping people create and protect wealth over time.

In 2001, Anton formed the Financial Minds - a company that delivers personal financial education in the corporate environment.  He also formed The Professional Adviser Network – an organisation committed to helping professional advisers build better businesses. 

Anton’s thirst for knowledge has him attending numerous seminars every year.  He has read over 200 books on the topics of financial planning, wealth creation, property investment and personal development.  His passion for educating people on the principles of wealth creation and financial planning has seen him regularly speak at business functions and within client companies.   

Anton is available for media interviews and  speaking engagements.

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Juliette left school in the provincial town of Timaru at age sixteen to start her first job within a national organisation.

Within two years Juliette had packed her bags, left home and headed for the bright lights of Auckland to take up a role in the company's head office.

Due to Juliette's determination, commitment to excellence and achievement of performance criteria she was quickly promoted through the company's ranks, initially from product buyer to marketing assistant and then from sales representative to branch manager.

Juliette's passion to see the world meant that nine years after starting her first job she headed overseas for a 'working holiday'. She spent time in London in a variety of temporary jobs, before working out a year at Outward Bound in Scotland.

Back in New Zealand, Juliette spent a couple of years in Christchurch within the automotive industry before signing up for the Police.

Policing led her to life in the Capital. Four memorable years on, Constable Lister handed in her duty belt when introduced to the Financial Minds.

Like most people Juliette's habits saw her paying not a great deal of attention to her financial matters. Although not in debt she had not accumulated or achieved any real significance in respect to her financial goals - In fact Juliette did not have any financial goals (other than ensuring she did not get declined at Eftpos!).

Since joining the Financial Minds and under the watchful eye of her financial mentor Juliette has seen dramatic change in her financial position and attitudes.

Throughout 2003 & 2004, Juliette purchased four investment properties, built up a substantial superannuation plan and for the first time has a savings account & cash reserves. Juliette continues to develop her investment portfolio and money management skills & knowledge.

Juliette would love to see others achieve the same 'control' over their finances and create for themselves a life of stress free living and abundance in the areas of health, wealth and personal relationships.

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Cherie grew up in central Waikato in a small town called Tokoroa. Having a great childhood, running around in barefeet, playing knuckle bones on the lawn and chopping the wood for her Pop, she then moved down to Wellington with her twin sister and Mother.

At the age of 17, Cherie decided that it was time to travel. She moved to Australia and worked for a few years before travelling all around America. It was then that she decided New Zealand was the best country and decided to move back and focus on what she was passionate about.

Property and Business have always been on her mind after reading the world famous book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. Cherie was eager to learn more and be in an environment whose minds were also Wealth Creation focused. This is when Cherie started to work for My Money Mentor in 2008 where she has developed her skills and knowledge further.

Cherie is also passionate about helping others in developing countries. As an Officer of Charity ‘Compassion Nepal’, Cherie has dedicated her spare time to holding events and raising money to send over to help orphanges in Nepal. One of these events was completing a Marathon in which she completed and has decided that running Marathons will be a yearly event!”

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