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The naked truth is that the financial world preys on your fear and ignorance around money. Most people are more comfortable talking about their sex life than their personal finances.


In fact, many people are downright embarrassed that they donít know all about investing in stocks, how to design creative real estate transactions, or even buying insurance. Itís time to come out of the dark ages and realize that these are learned skills like any other skill that youíve already mastered and that all you need is the right mentor.

  • Top athletes like Tiger Woods and Andre Agassi use Performance Coaches to stay at the top of their game.

  • Oscar winning actors use Acting Coaches.

  • Award winning singers use Voice Coaches.

If you want to become financially free you must reject conventional ways of thinking and follow proven methods that work. The real key to wealth is your thinking process. In fact, you might be amazed to find out there is no relationship between how wealthy you will become and how much money you earn today from working. There are literally hundreds of ways to become financially independent and free from money worries. The key is to find the one that will work for you!

Coaching is a powerful partnership that can save you time and money by helping you avoid dangerous pitfalls and dead end paths while accelerating your financial journey. Your coach will provide support and accountability for your goals while mentoring you with valuable insights. Your personal coach will help you see perspectives you didnít even know existed, and will help you overcome the inevitable bumps and hurdles that develop along your journey to financial freedom.

Your personal coach isnít biased by commissions or advertising dollars. Your coach is paid for one thing Ė to help you reach your goals and live the life you dreamed about. 

Want to learn more about coaching?


Ten Key Benefits of Financial Coaching

Financial coaching helps you integrate your values, goals, unique attributes and skills into a financial plan that will make you more money and allow you to live your dreams.   

You will learn to:

  • Invest with confidence and a plan so that you no longer have to stress or fret over your investments.

  • Understand risk and learn to manage it so that you wont get slaughtered when an investment turns south on you.

  • Take control of your financial life so that you are no longer at the whim of other peopleís opinions or advice.

  • How to retire on guaranteed income for life so that you can relax and enjoy your post work years free of financial stress.

  • Define your unique investing edge so that you can capitalize on the skills and strategies that best fit your personality, temperament, goals, and desires.

  • Learn to recognize bad investments before they cost you money so that you can avoid catastrophic financial damage to your portfolio.

  • Learn the secrets of how to make money in any market so that your emotions are no longer riding with the trend of the current market direction.

  • Understand how your psychological money programs affect your future so that you can reprogram yourself for success.

  • How to implement the 7 money habits of the wealthy so that you can become wealthy too.

  • How to create multiple streams of passive income so that your financial freedom can never be susceptible to any one market or investment strategy.


Most clients share with us that just a one or two of these benefits more than pay for years worth of coaching when implemented into their investment portfolio. And best of all, it doesnít take years of coaching to get that kind of value. But thatís not all you will learn. Additionally, you will learn to:

  • Examine your existing finances, monthly cash flow, and net worth

  • Examine your past thinking about money and how it held you hostage.

  • Create new money thinking and affirmations that create wealth.

  • Understand what it means to respect money so that it respects you.

  • Understand the relationship between debt, spending and income.

  • Create your own money and investing rules.

  • Identify your current employment situation and understand its implications to your wealth building strategy.

  • Build an actual financial plan yourself.

  • Create financial goals and achieve them.

  • Examine a multitude of investment plans and possibilities and choose the one that is right for you.

  • Have convenient access to a multitude of resources that would be difficult, expensive, and time consuming to locate without My Money Mentor.

Make the choice to now to accelerate your learning curve years ahead and give yourself a financial head start. Contact Your Finanical Coach today.


Here's a chart to help illustrate the difference between coaching and financial advice.


Financial Advice

Follows the client's agenda. Follows the advisorís agenda.

No specific advice given. Clients have unique portfolios. Clientís portfolios look similar based on adviserís recommendations.

Client is the expert. Advisor is the expert.

Independent relationship created Dependent relationship created

Client is accountable and responsible. Advisor is accountable and responsible.

Asking questions. Telling directions.

Not dependent on knowing clientís financial numbers. Dependent on knowing clientís financial numbers.

Focuses on learning and growth of client. Focuses on growth of the clientís portfolio.

Goal is to create a fully functional, educated, independent client. Goal is to create a portfolio for a dependent client.

No specific securities recommended. Specific securities recommended.

Teaches responsibility. Takes away responsibility.

Paid for eliciting, educating, expanding, and drawing out. Paid for financial expertise applied to the client portfolio.

Draws out the clients values. Imposes the advisorís values.


To gain control over your money and chart a course to financial freedom,
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